Influencer Response is a direct-to-consumer, full-service, performance-based, influencer marketing agency.  We offer a complete solution to create, manage and support virtually every aspect of your direct response influencer driven marketing campaign. We are experts at scaling your influencer marketing media while maintaining a healthy ROI.

We are NOT a talent agency, multi channel network or influencer platform. Our relationships with influencers are vital for success, but our first priority is getting our client’s (the brands) a positive return on investment. Think of us as an extension of your in-house team, a media buying department leveraging the power of group buying to get you the lowest industry rates and most efficient influencers.

Our Promise

Through thousands of direct response influencer promotions with trackable results and real-time sales data, we eliminate the guess work from day one and optimize your media to maximize efficiency. 

Our team, rooted deep in direct response influencer marketing, is dedicated to making your bottom line our first priority.