Unparalleled Service at Unmatched Rates

Why are more brands turning to Influencer Response? Here's a glimpse into our approach.

Why did we create Influencer Response?

When we first launched IR, there were very few agencies representing brands and virtually none that were classified as a podcast and direct response influencer marketing agency. We found that almost every influencer company was either a talent agency, Multi Channel Network (MCN) or influencer platform. And if we did get approached by an influencer agency, we found that the team knew very little about direct response and none could speak to real sales data.

This is what separates IR from the competition. We won't take on a client unless we have access to the brand’s traffic and sales data. This is how we remove the guesswork from generating quantifiable results and boosting your ROI.

One comment we hear frequently when talking with a potential client is, "We've talked to so many podcast and influencer agencies, and we finally found it with you. We knew there had to be someone out there specializing in direct response!"

What are the costs to get started?

There are no set-up fees, retainers or monthly commitments. We simply charge a percentage of gross media costs. That means you’re getting a very senior level team at the most affordable cost possible. Most members of our team have a background working with brands so we understand your challenges and speak your language. 

*We do require a minimum ad spend, but this is negotiable.

How is our team compensated?

Our roots lie in DRTV media buying, and we've applied many of the same principles to podcast and influencer marketing. One of these principles is that our podcast and influencer buyers receive a base salary plus commission and are compensated based on hitting client KPI goals and budgets. This ensures that our team is working with the top performing podcasts and influencers while continuing to drive down rates.

How do you measure results?

Over the last seven years, we’ve closely studied CTR, CPC, CPL, CPA, ROI, AOV and LTV for all podcast and social media  platforms. While our clients provide unique tracking links or codes, we also understand how much traffic you can expect that might not be directly attributable back to each podcast's or influencer's tracking link.

Do you provide scripting?

Yes, we have in-house direct response copywriters who provide scripting at no extra cost. We can also assist with user experience and offer testing.

How do you get the lowest rates?

We can’t give away too much about our secret sauce, but one way we secure big savings is by leveraging the power of group buying to give our podcasts and influencers multiple brand sponsorships in exchange for their lowest rates.

We are also constantly working with the most cutting-edge brands that resonate with podcasts and influencers. Our  podcast and influencers partners come back to us for business just as much as we contact them with new opportunities.

How do I scale?

Scaling is one of the biggest pain points for most brands because the outreach is such a grueling and time consuming process. You really need a team of four to five people to generate significant revenue, and it can take five to six months to see visible results if you're new to podcast and influencer marketing. 

Our network of the top 500+ podcasts and influencers is particularly geared to direct response marketing, which makes scaling very turnkey. We are happy to discuss your scaling needs in more detail upon request.

How do you know which podcasts and influencers work?

We've worked with the same 500+ podcast and influencers for many years, which has enabled us to generate historical traffic and sales data across many brands. We also have in-house proprietary media buying software (IR Media Buy) that houses these results and helps us to understand the podcast and influencer's true value so we don't overpay.

The bottom line: You won't need to invest in an influencer platform or influencer marketing tool when working with IR.