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Influencer Response team brings more than  35 years of direct response experience, and over 15 years of building long-term partnerships with influencers, podcasts, MCN's, talent agencies, platforms and more.

With so many long-lasting relationships, Influencer Response is able to secure low DR rates, receive quick influencer responses, and often get our clients more bang for the buck to name a few.

strategic planning

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"How do I scale?" is a very common question from brands.  Influencer Response prides itself on its' ability to scale quickly and efficiently.  Social algorithms can often change overnight so speed matters.

Influencer Response utilizes industry research tools and internal engagement metrics to identify key influencers, demographics and more, but it's ultimately our proprietary database of real-time results combined with our senior buying team that understand how to buy and optimize media quickly and efficiently.

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With the best, most relentless, and creative negotiators in the business, we effectively minimize the risk by frequently obtaining rates more than 50% below market value.  We do this many ways including leveraging hundreds of long term influencer relationships and with a deep knowledge of conversion metrics across many verticals.  We manage your budget as if it’s our own.  

DATA Analytics

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With thousands of real-time results across many product categories, social medias and more, Influencer Response will eliminate the guesswork from day one.

We use this data to build your influencer media strategy.  Not only do we know which influencers convert best, but we know things like which days of week are most efficient, too.  We dive deep and are excited to share.

Influencer Response offers weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting with complete transparency.


how to grow influencer marketing

As direct response marketers dating back to our days of DRTV, this is a sweet spot for Influencer Response.  Our ability to craft messaging that will generate high response rates sets Influencer Response apart from the competition.

A/B testing is in our blood and we test everything from the title of a YouTube video to the CTA. We’re motivated to hit your target costs, while also keeping quality in mind too (AOV and LTV).