A Word From Our Partners

We are proud to connect your brand with many of the top-converting influencers and podcasts in the industry. Here’s what some of our partners have to say about working with us.
Barbell Shrugged
"We started working with Influencer Response in early 2018 and have really enjoyed working with them. We work with multiple sponsors on our podcast network and nobody is as friendly and thorough as IR. It makes our job easier when we know exactly what IR’s clients are looking for, how we can best serve our clients, and the team is always there for a quick call to discuss future opportunities. Working with IR has been a pleasure, and I look forward to a continued relationship."
Fully Raw Kristina
"Influencer Response is thoughtful, creative, and collaborative! It has been such a pleasure to work with the team and talk about ideas. IR has made working together a completely enjoyable experience, and I am grateful there are good companies like IR in the world aiming to make a difference! Thank you for everything, IR! You are amazing!"
Dear Media
"In the last 10 years operation businesses in the digital and podcast space, I have encountered a number of professionals to help grow our businesses. Some of those individuals and experiences have been stellar while others have been subpar at best. Influencer Response fits into the first category. It’s rare to find a team that understands how to drive results both from the brand side and the content creator’s side. A team that understands both is able to create extremely compelling campaigns. Our experience with IR driving results for our talent and their clients has been nothing short of exemplary. I would recommend IR and the services they offer to any brand or business trying to drive results and growth."
Coffee Break with Dani
"Influencer Response is always such a pleasure to work with. Not only is the team extremely professional, but they always include a very personal touch. Heart is never missing from any of our interactions. IR has always taken the time to provide very thoughtful feedback and assessments to all our partnerships. Knowing that we will be working together automatically means professional, efficient, thoughtful, and thorough."
The Chic Natural
“I have been working with Influencer Response in carrying out social media influencer projects since 2016. It is always an absolute pleasure working with IR. Their professionalism, innovative ideas, and prompt action coupled with their personable approach makes the team well suited for the industry. I can highly recommend IR and feel confident in saying that IR would be an asset in an array of capacities.”
Mind Over Munch
"Influencer Response has always made communicating effortless, allowing for successful integrations where misperceptions aren’t an option. The company is clear, concise, organized, and timely. IR has always done everything in their power to arrange the best possible integration, prioritizing a constructive and strategic business relationship to benefit all parties involved. IR is also creative with its approach to content programming, and has a thorough understanding of trends and audience retention. IR is clearly qualified with branding, and recognizes the value that authenticity plays with an influencer and their promotional content. IR has always encouraged us to embrace what our brand has to offer, and share our genuine praise—which always resonates with our audience best. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with IR throughout our Butcher Box partnership!"
Liv’s Healthy Life
“Working with Influencer Response is such a pleasure! They are extremely knowledgeable and always have new ideas to bring to a partnership. I really like that they encourage creators be authentic and stay true to their content.”
Cammie Scott
"Working with Influencer Response during my partnership with Four Sigmatic was an absolute pleasure. IR was always extremely professional and easy to communicate with. The company’s overall understanding of the power of social media allowed me to have free creative liberty while also fully understanding the brand’s viewpoint and goals. It was refreshing to work with a team that has such a keen eye for blending together brands and influencers in order to create an organic collaboration. I would absolutely work with IR again and highly recommend them to anyone looking to form brand, influencer relationships."